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Keeogo Robotic Training Center

Keep on going with robotic training

Robotic Training Center:regain our quality of life through a novel way

Medical exoskeletons have been developed for more than 2 decades. They were originally designed as mobility aids for patients. With the advancement of technology, they became much more lighter so-called "dermoskeletons", and their applications in rehabilitation training had gradually become more popular in recent years, benefiting more people.

Through the assistance of dermoskeletons, we can help our customers perform extensive, continuous, repetitive, and correct movement patterns of functions, thereby quickly restoring the abilities to move independently, regaining daily functions, and significantly improving quality of life and self-affirmation.

The Robot Training Center brings together professional trainers and the latest AI technology. It aims to comprehensively integrate dermoskeletons and related equipment with rehabilitation training to help our customers obtain more improvements and feedback during the training process and thus enhance rehabilitation benefits.

We are committed to providing professional services and quality, step by step, to help you regain own autonomy. As the artificial intelligence leaps, experienced professional trainers will lead you to a new level of recovery !

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Our Core Values

Innovative technology incorporates into dermoskeletons to help customers break through hindrances during training, integrate multiple combinations of dermoskeletons, facilities and functional activities in different phases after illness, ultimately shorten the period of recovery and efficiently transferring training benefits into functional abilities in one fell swoop !

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